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Sedation Dentistry in Edmonton

Sedation dentistry allows our Edmonton dentists to help patients relax during their dental procedures.

Nervous about visiting the dentist? Sedation can help.

You deserve a healthy smile. Putting off routine checkups and dental work because of fear or anxiety can result in the need for much more invasive dental treatment or therapy. Our sedation dentistry options in Edmonton can allow you to comfortably receive the treatment you need.

If you think you might be a good candidate for sedation dentistry, talk to your Edmonton dentist today at Edgemont Dental.

Sedation Options at Edgemont Dental

Nitrous oxide sedation is a technique used to relax anxious patients before and during a dental procedure. It’s delivered through a nasal mask that puts many patients at ease from the start. Nitrous oxide is often called “laughing gas,” and the effects wear off within minutes of introducing pure oxygen and ceasing the use of the nitrous oxide.

Oral sedation requires taking a dentist-prescribed pill several hours before your appointment and again closer to the start. You’ll also require someone to drop you off and pick you up afterward while the effects wear off. Oral sedation is an easy and safe way to feel at ease during complex or lengthy dental procedures.

Night Guards and Sports Guards

Whether you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) or if you simply want to protect your teeth while engaging in a sport or exercise, customized mouth guards from our practice can help you meet your needs. Night guards can offer a range of benefits while you sleep. This oral appliance is custom-designed to provide you with a comfortable cushion between the upper and lower rows of teeth, helping to prevent grinding at night. Night guards minimize the risk of damage and wear-and-tear on the teeth.

If you are looking for a solution to protecting your smile from a sudden impact, a custom fitted sports guard would be a great option as it offers an effective barrier. We’ll take impressions of your teeth, and have your sports guard ready within days. A variety of colours are available.

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