What Does Being an Edmonton Dentist Dental Hygienist Entail?
August 6, 2020


Have you been searching for a way to achieve straighter teeth in the most discreet way possible? Edgemont Dental Clinic in Edmonton offers one of the most popular and innovative orthodontic treatments available: it’s called Invisalign®. This treatment is often ideal for individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate teeth alignment or bite irregularities. Invisalign® utilizes an innovative system of custom-designed, clear aligners to shift the teeth into the desired position gradually. The aligners are removable and virtually invisible, which allows you to renew your smile without others seeing the appliances on your teeth. Our experienced dentists offer both standard Invisalign® treatment as well as Invisalign® Go.


How Does Invisalign® Work?

Our cosmetic dentist in Edmonton will determine whether Invisalign® is the best option for your orthodontic needs during your initial oral evaluation. If so, a digital scan of your teeth using the iTero® scanning technology will be taken, which will serve as the blueprint for a series of customized Invisalign® teeth aligners. Once we produce your custom aligners, you will take the aligners home with you and wear each one in the series for about 1½  to two weeks (depending on the treatment’s complexity), then move on to the next set. We slightly modify each of the aligners from the one that comes before it to allow for a gradual repositioning of your teeth.


A Discreet Solution to Address Orthodontic Concerns

Invisalign® is versatile and can address several common orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, underbite, overbite, protruding front teeth, and overlapping teeth. The best way to determine if Invisalign® will work for you is to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Edmonton at Edgemont Dental Clinic.

Invisalign® and Invisalign® Go can be an excellent option for patients experiencing mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Our Edmonton dentist can help many individuals straighten their teeth, improve their bite, and successfully renew the appearance of their smile. 


How Often Should I Visit my Invisalign® Dentist in Edmonton?

We recommend that all Invisalign® patients regularly visit throughout the treatment process. These dental appointments are an essential part of ensuring that the process is going exactly as it should. 

The answer to how often a patient should visit Edgemont Dental Clinic when undergoing Invisalign® treatment varies with each patient. Some patients may need to come in more often, while others may need to come in less often. General guidelines state that Invisalign® patients should come in for a process check every six to eight weeks.


How to Clean and Care For Your Invisalign® Aligners

The daily care and cleaning process for Invisalign® aligners are simple and easy. All that’s required for proper care is a good scrubbing with an ordinary toothbrush under lukewarm (not hot) water. Also, remember to give the aligners and your mouth a thorough rinse after eating foods or drinking beverages that may leave stains.

A Straighter Smile Can Start Today With Invisalign®

Are you wondering if you’re a candidate for Invisalign®? Find out more about this advanced teeth straightening treatment and how it can help you achieve the beautiful, straight smile you have always wanted. Call Edgemont Dental Clinic today, and one of our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have or assist you with booking a consultation with our dentist in Edmonton.

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